Hello and welcome!

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With Albion’s summer break commencing in the next week (exams ended yesterday and seniors will graduate on Saturday), campus and the equestrian center will soon be much quieter than we’re used to seeing them.  That doesn’t mean, however, that our students won’t be doing anything; it just means that we won’t have any IHSA or IDA competitions to tell you about for a while.

Whether on campus or off, Albion College students – particularly those of the equestrian variety! – are some of the most interesting, intelligent, and involved young people you’ll ever meet.  To that end, we’ve asked three of them to share their summer experiences with us – and you!

They are:

Jesha Marcy-Quay ’11, a rising senior who hails from nearby Ann Arbor, Michigan.  She will blog about her summer experiences as a working student at Wil-lo Blue Farm in Franklin, Tennessee, where she will work under the tutelage of her longtime coach, three-day eventing trainer Bill Hoos.  (Along the way, she’ll also introduce you to her two four-legged partners in crime, Marly and Shevy – they’re going along for the ride!)

Kjirsten Sneed ’11, who, (like Jesha) is a rising senior.  Unlike Jesha, though, she came to Albion from Washburn, Wisconsin.  Kjirsten (better known as “Bob” to those at the equestrian center – a nickname that has spread to main campus too!) will spend the summer as horse program director at a camp in Wisconsin.  Last summer she was a lowly counselor but this summer she’s been promoted and will be sharing stories of her daily life with us.

Mary Applegate ’10 is originally from Grandville, Michigan and has completed her tenure at Albion.  Degree in biology in hand, she is off to do great things.  (In fact, that’s why we asked her to blog for us this summer!)  A four-year member of Albion’s dressage team and a two-time qualifier for IDA Nationals as an individual, she’s taking a bit of time off from riding her Trakhener mare Lily this summer to work with animals of a more marine variety – sea turtles and other marine life, to be specific – during an internship down south.

…and that’s the group!

We hope that you enjoy getting to know our students over the next few months.  (We’re quite proud of them ourselves!)  Please feel free to comment on their posts or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think or to ask questions that the girls can answer in later updates.


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