Jesha Begins to Pack

First lesson learned:  Wheat Thins, when left under the back seat of a pickup truck for, say, 6 weeks or so will have the consistency of a sponge.  (WARNING:  If one is unsure how long the box of Wheat Thins has been hiding in the aformentioned truck, a taste test is NOT the first step to take to determine whether they are edible or not. Expiration dates were created for a reason.)

I can safely say that’s about how well packing is going so far.  It’s always easier to pack for the two equines than myself; they have three categories of belongings – clothing, tack, and feed.  All their stuff gets packed into the spacious tack room of my gooseneck trailer whereas I (in contrast) have an entire dorm room full of belongings that I don’t remember acquiring – all of which somehow need to be compressed into the cubic footage of the backseat of my Chevy Silverado.  (And who says I don’t have excellent spatial skills?)

Before I get much further, I’ll introduce myself.  I’m Jesha.  I’m 20, planning to graduate Albion College in spring of 2011 with an exercise science major and my BHS certification, and I own two horses –  Shevy and Marly.  They’re pretty much my life in a nutshell.

Jesha and Marly go cross-country.

Marly and I on cross-country.

I compete Marly in eventing, currently at Training level (looking at moving up to Prelim in June!)  Shevy’s pretty much along for the ride; he was my first horse.  He turned 21 this year and, while he is still ridden daily (often used for lessons or leased out) I don’t compete him anymore.  He’s Marly’s best friend and partner in crime.  Some upper-level horses have a goat or a chicken or another variety of small animal to keep them sane and happy.  Marly has Shevy.  (Trust my competition horse to go the expensive route and want a full-size best friend!)  Of course, I don’t mind – Shevy had a permenant home with me from the moment I bought him anyway; he’s a good soul and worth his weight in gold.

This summer’s plans are looking pretty grand so far.  If I ever finish packing, I will be moving myself and my horses to Franklin, TN, to be a working student for Bill Hoos.  I have worked for Bill the past two summers and I’ve had some of the greatest experiences of my life – for both me and Marly.  Without the help of the Hoos family, Marly would be light-years behind where he is today.  Seems like this summer is going to be especially busy; the show schedule includes 9-10 events, and Bill had mentioned the possibilty of as many as 6 of the young horses need to be started under saddle…plus it’s foaling season!  Thus, I will have no shortage of things to write about.

And on that note, second life lesson:  dorm rooms eat socks.  I don’t know how, but they do.  How else could I possibly end up with, like, twelve lone socks missing their mates?  (Maybe they’re hiding in my truck with the Wheat Thins?)


One thought on “Jesha Begins to Pack

  1. It’s not the dorm room! The whirling vortex of missing socks is behind the washing machine. It took me years to discover this – I only just found this out several months ago and I am 31 now… but seriously, check behind the machines in the laundry room.


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