Once upon a time…

Hi readers!

My name is Kjirsten Sneed and I’m a French major at Albion with a minor in communication studies.  I’m also a member of the Honors program and the new president of the Albion College equestrian club.  But enough about me already; I feel like a good blog should begin with a good story, so here goes:

Once upon a time, I worked at a camp in the north woods of Wisconsin in a place where the pine trees are huge, the lake waters are clear, and the horses and kids are full of surprises.  (But then, aren’t they always?)

Kjirsten Sneed '11 at camp in 2009.

This is me aboard camp horse Stormy in 2009. Stormy's claim to fame is winning a match race with a bicycle. Derby material, right there!

2009 was such a great summer that I decided to go back to those magical north woods in 2010 – but this time in the more authoritative guise as the Horse Program Director.  It’s a title I use to sound official, but really I prefer the less formal (but more apt) “Pony Boss.”

During the camp’s off-season (which coincided conveniently with school and my fall semester abroad in Grenoble, France – more on that in later posts!), I helped to pick my two-person team of Horse Assistants, or, as I see them, my “Minions” and “Partners in Crime.”  It was a long process of interviewing, planning, offering jobs, making a new plan when the first one didn’t work, rinse, repeat…

Wait.  Let me put this into horse terms.  Those tend to work better.

Finding my two assistants was like planning out your approach to your ride in a particular horse show way in advance and then having to rework said schedule at every step.  And why would you need to change everything?  You know, for the usual reason:  your horse somehow got hold of (and read!) the dressage test and decided that no, he really didn’t want to do counter canter and a flying change at A.  Oh no!  Instead, he’d rather just do the change halfway across the diagonal.

And there goes your plan.

Just like that impromptu dressage test, though, the final result of my pre-planning is something I am very excited about.  My assistants are hired and the countdown to camp has begun:  training starts June 2nd and campers arrive soon after.

Coming soon:  stories of action, adventure, and achievement – stay tuned!


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