Kjirsten Faces Paperwork, Ponies, and the LSAT – Oh My!

What good is preparation without a few kinks thrown in for good measure?

As I was going through paperwork and files and preparing for camp, I wondered if I had sent my list of requested equipment to my boss, Karen (which I swore I had done weeks ago).  Off goes my concerned email and back comes an affirmation (yes, she had my requests), coupled with an offer I couldn’t refuse:  How would I like to come to camp early to help her prepare, a few extra paid days? 

Um, yes please?

I told her I’d love to, so on May 23rd my little Honda and I will make the trek to camp for the summer.

But before that can happen, I have a busy week ahead.

You may wonder, what is this horse-oriented girl going to do with a French degree, of all things?  (That’s what I thought too when I got out of the sciences, pulling myself out of the path to vet school.)

Backup plan:  law school.  And not just any law – equine law.  Perfect!

So, this week I’m going to have coffee with Katy Bloomquist, an equine lawyer in Chaska, MN, who also owns Trophy Hill Sporthorses, LLC, with her husband.  On the way back, I just might stop at the tack store and look for a new helmet…and then get home in time for the most thrilling part of my week:  online LSAT prep class!

If you don’t know, the LSAT is the Law School Admissions Test that all law school applicants have to take.  Taking the LSAT is like going to recognized dressage shows:  if you score high enough, you qualify for Regionals (or, in this case, law school).  The whole thing takes about 2 ½ hours, and that’s what I will be doing on June 7th.

Because it’s kind of a big deal, I figured it might be good to do something to prepare, so I signed up for an online class that meets for 3 hours twice a week.  We have lectures, homework, and even full length prep tests.  Woo hoo!

That’s been my summer so far—getting ready for camp and getting ready for the LSAT.  In between I’ve found time to play with my little gray Arab, Spudzy, which has been good for his fitness and my sanity.

Those ponies – don’t know what I’d do without them.


2 thoughts on “Kjirsten Faces Paperwork, Ponies, and the LSAT – Oh My!

  1. I took the LSAT but didn’t actually go to law school (figures, haha!). Just remember to relax. The one thing I noticed was everyone in the room was TERRIFIED – if you stay relaxed, it’s almost a fun test (well, if you like logic puzzles, heh).

    But freaking out and being really stressed because it’s SO IMPORTANT will almost guarantee you make some silly mistakes 😉

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