Jesha’s MayDaze

My current blogging location: MayDaze horse trials

Time: 5:30AM

Status: Sitting on my tack trunk, about to start stalls/hay/water. Cup of coffee in hand.

Jesha and Marly prepare for cross-country.

Putting Marly's studs in for cross-country. (Yes, I had to put the coffee down to do it.)

After surviving packing and the 10-hour drive, Shevy and Marly have both settled happily into Tennessee – and this past week has been BUSY!!

Monday we took seven horses up to the lovely Flying Cross Farm in Kentucky for some much-needed cross-country schooling before this weekend’s event.  All the horses were superstars!

I confess, it wasn’t all perfect – I did have an unplanned dismount (ok, let’s not sugarcoat it – I became a human lawndart) at the big Preliminary-level Irish bank.  I got back on and we did it again, sorted it out, and went on to jump the majority of the Preliminary course successfully – which totally made up for it.  Marly even jumped his first REAL corner jump!  He later topped that by jumping the entire corner combination without batting an eyelash.

After unpacking, cleaning, and reorganizing all the cross-country gear on Tuesday, we turned around and loaded it all back up on Wednesday so that we could head off to MayDaze at the Kentucky Horse Park early Thursday morning.  A total of 10 horses from Wil-lo Blue left the farm for the show – in four rigs, due to optimal ride-time coordination and space.

Talk about gaining expertise at packing!

So far, other than a mild case of sunburn, the event is going well – for me and Marly, as well as Wil-lo Blue Farm and all of Bill’s clients.  (If only the darn rails would stay up in the stadium ring!)

So far, there have been very few double clear rounds in the Training and Preliminary show jumping, and I suspect this may hold true for the other levels as well.  Marly himself (who usually leaves everything up, no matter how ugly the round) had a rail.  The course was changed from a triple combination to two double combinations after I walked it, however, and the rail he took down was coming out of the double that I was unable to walk beforehand – so that’s my current excuse.  He also made up for it by laying down a stellar (for him) dressage test, scoring a 33.0 and getting several (SEVERAL!) 8’s.

We may *fingers crossed* finally be getting over his random explosions in the ring!

That said, I’m at the bottom of my coffee cup, which means it’s time to start doing something productive.  Besides, it’s cross-country day and I’m counting on Marly to continue to be a rock star!


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