Kjirsten Treads Water – Literally!

Horses arrived?  Check.

Kjirsten blogs this summer from Camp Manito-wish

Home away from home (away from home!)

LSAT taken?  Check.

Staff training?  Not even close to complete…

Ready for camp?  YES!

It’s been wild the past couple of weeks.  I have finally transitioned from working in the office (where I’ve become very familiar with Microsoft Excel – we’re like BFFs) to my summer role as part of the administrative team and the excitement of my horses arriving.  Yay!  We now have 17 campers (the four-legged kind) running around on several acres of land, eating grass and figuring stuff out.  They’re not quite convinced that they should come into the barn or be ridden, but we’ll get there. 

Also…the LSAT is OVER.  Whew!  If nothing else, it’s a huge load off my mind and it gives me an extra several hours each week to do pony stuff.  Thanks to my prep class and some tips from great people (especially carrotplease right here on the blog!), I felt pretty good coming out of the test.  Now it’s time to focus on camp.

One of the things I love about Camp Manito-wish is the people that I meet here.  They come from all walks of life and do some pretty crazy stuff in the outside world.  I’ve gotten to pick up some people from local airports in the past two weeks, including a kid flying in from New Jersey to work at camp, a guy who decided to leave corporate America in DC to come back to camp, and a Wilderness First Responder/First Aid instructor who flew in from Alaska to teach an 8-day long class on first aid and essentially EMT procedures in the wilderness.  How cool!  In the summer she leads trips in the Alaskan wilderness with at-risk students for whom sometimes it is a better option to be out of school than in.  The stories that some of these people tell are outrageous and I can only listen in amazement.

Administrative staff training continues apace, though we’re nearly done.  Today was the swim challenge in which we had to swim two very short laps and then tread water for ten minutes—fully dressed.  And by “fully dressed,” I mean long sleeves, long pants, and close-toed shoes – the whole shebang.  We’re kind of intense on this whole being prepared thing, with all the WFR certified people running around and getting experience jumping into cold water fully clothed.  Tonight (hopefully!) I’ll get to hop on a couple more horses as the ever-entertaining process of finding out just how these horses feel after 9 months off continues.

Wish me luck!


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