Countdown:  T-minus 9 days until Marly and I do our first Preliminary!

It’s been a looooong road to his first “upper-level” event, and I finally feel like we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.  That being said, Marly is currently sitting in his stall missing a front shoe.  (Of course.)

At least he had the decency to wait until the day before the farrier was scheduled to reset him anyway.

Marly in profile

Marly looks forward to his first event at Preliminary. (Thanks to Jim Stafford of JSPhotography for this awesome headshot!)

Currently, I’m mildly panicking about (in no particular order):  counter-canter loops in the dressage test, location of lucky belt, and the cleanliness of white saddle pads.  Also still searching for my favorite sunglasses.

I’m excited about:  Home-field advantage!  I’m actually going to compete at the Encore Horse Trials in Michigan, ten minutes from my parents’ house.  Due to not getting into the Spring Run Horse Trials (which filled up very quickly since Champagne Run is canceled for WEG preparation), Grand Plan A had to be swapped out for Grand Plan B, which involved substituting Encore but allows for a home visit and hopefully a good run on a familiar course.

There’s too much to get done here between now and next Friday to have any time to do any senseless worrying, though.  The farm has been buzzing along – two new horses in training, a brand new filly born, halter-breaking the yearlings, horses returning from Spring Run this past weekend (and a trailer to be unpacked) only to turn around and load up the trailer today for three horses to go to the Delta Blues Classic in Tunica, MS.  One thing can be said – it’s never boring around here!

My days have been starting around 5AM a few days a week when I wake up to work Marly, either for a 6AM lesson or a sunrise gallop.  Glad I’m a morning person by nature anyway!  Plus, it’s much more comfortable to ride before the humidity truly sets in, as the heat index has been over 100 lately.  Forget coffee…Gatorade, Gatorade, Gatorade!

…and now it’s time to go finish up the “middle-of-the-day-when-it’s-too-hot-to-move” tasks, like cleaning and oiling large quantities of tack.  Sooner than I know, I’ll be blogging about our first Preliminary experience!


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