Today marks the first day of classes for the 2010-2011 school year at Albion College, which therefore also means that we have reached the end of our summer blog entries.  Many (many!) thanks to student bloggers Kjirsten and Jesha and to alumna blogger Mary for sharing their tales of summer adventure with us!

Looking ahead to the fall semester, we will continue to receive updates from Mary in Florida as she continues work on her internship with the Mote Marine Laboratory.  Jesha will also give us periodic updates on Marly, Shevy, and their travels to events throughout the U.S.  But we will also get some new characters on the blog this semester so that you readers have the opportunity to meet some of the other students who make the Albion College equestrian program so unique.

(And no, the use of the term “characters” above was not a slip; the students we have here really are characters in their own right.)  🙂

Thank you for your readership over the summer and please feel free to share suggestions for future blog entries or requests for the type of blogger you’d like to hear from on our comments section or Facebook page.  And stay tuned for new entries soon!


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