Call Me Katie

After reading the summer blogs from Jesha, Kjirsten, and Mary I’ve come to a conclusion:  My summer was rather lame.

Okay, maybe lame isn’t the word.  It just wasn’t as eventful as I had hoped.

Here are Image and I lined up for placings at a show this summer. (That's us at top left.)

At any rate, my name is Kathleen Petchell (please call me Katie) and I’m from a small town in Michigan called Pinckney. I am currently a sophomore at Albion and I am a member of the Gerstacker Business and Management program (probably concentrating in accounting…)  I am also a Prentiss M. Brown honors student, a member of the Equestrian Club, and an Open/Reining Rider for the Albion’s IHSA stock seat team.  At home, I have a 14 year old red roan Paint mare named Mister’s Cool Image (please call her Image).  She’s my baby and the best horse ever (though I’m sure we all think that about our own ponies, right?)

Ok, so back to my “lame” summer…

Since it was my last year in 4-H, Image and I hit up all of the local shows, which landed us with a couple English high point trophies, a western equitation Grand Champion ribbon, and a one way ticket to the 4-H State Championship.  (We were also undefeated in our age division in Showmanship and Trail.)

In addition to getting all fancy and being a show pony, Image got to let her hair down and do a little cow sorting this summer at Blue Ridge Stock Farm in Howell.  As far as we know, she has never seen cows or done any ranch work, nor does she have any “cowy” bloodlines (Blue Max and Sonny Dee Bar), but she had a BLAST!  The owner of the farm recently approached me and said that she would love seeing us rope, so maybe we’ll try it out sometime this fall.

Image considers the cow in front of her. She was amazing for a horse with NO cow-y bloodlines - maybe she was a cowpony in a past life?

It’s nice to be back in Albion, though.  So far classes are going well and I love all of my professors.  I live in a four-person suite with my roommate from last year, Erica, along with two other girls, Katie and Allie.  Katie, one of my best friends, is an eventer, and Allie, who I’ve really only met this year, is from Chicago and jumps her horse Gummi Bear.  (He’s a Paint like Image – WOOT!)  Erica, on the other hand, is less than horse crazy but she puts up with our smelly boots anyway. 

The start of IHSA competition is coming up soon – can’t wait for the season to begin!


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