Back in the Saddle!

Hi, everyone!

My name is Lauren Levy and I am a junior at Albion.  I came here from Amherst, Massachusetts and am a political science major with a double minor in Spanish and economics and management.  I am also part of the Honors program and the honors business program (Gerstacker) here at Albion.  (Summary:  I go to class.  A lot.)

This picture was taken during my internship with Amerigroup this summer.

Sadly, as a result of my academic work, my summer did not consist of much riding.  I spent June, July, and August in the heat of Alexandria, Virginia, a neighboring city of D.C.  (If any of you have ever lived there, then you know that a high of 110 degrees is not uncommon.  It’s just a little different from Michigan.)  I worked there as a marketing intern for a managed care organization called Amerigroup (a Fortune 500 company).  Amerigroup works directly with the state and the government to provide healthcare plans for recipients of Medicare and Medicaid.  I worked strictly on Medicaid side and, as a marketing intern, I actually got to meet a lot of the northern Virginia residents and doctors who worked with Amerigroup.

Though my summer internship was a great experience, I am really happy to be back at Albion.  (Back at school means back in the saddle!)  The year has gotten off to a great start and I am officially competing in the intermediate division on the hunt seat team for my second year.  I am also looking forward to the continuation of my BHS training.  (BHS stands for the British Horse Society and it is an internationally-recognized certification for equestrian professionals.  This year, I will (hopefully!) be completing my Stage 3 exam (certified barn manager) and my PTT (preliminary teaching) exam after passing my Stage 1 and 2 exams back in May.)

This is Bailey and I jumping in the outdoor arena at Albion last year. This year, he's learning to be a dressage horse and keeping his feet on the ground.

I am also excited to be bringing my horse back into work after three months of stall-rest due to a recurring quarter crack in his hoof.  He is a 9-year-old, Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross named Bailey.  Unfortunately, the crack in his hoof is actually the result of an injury to the coffin bone, which means his jumping career has come to an end.  Thus, this fall he beings his new career as a dressage horse.

To keep my jumping skills polished, though, I will be showing another student’s horse who is offered for sale.  (His name is George.)  I will keep everyone updated on our success, as our first show will be the Albion jumper show on the first weekend of October – which is coming up very soon!


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