Reality Sets In

Sadly, my winter break was not all that horsey.  (Unless, I suppose, you count waking up at 7:00 every morning to feed my horses and goats.)

Image playing in the snow.

I did make it out to Tom’s Western Store in Ovid to use the $10 gift card that I received for participating in the equestrian club’s can drive fundraiser last semester.  Even though the store is huge, the only thing I could find to buy was a chesty for Image.  (Her old one had several holes in it and without one she gets black rub marks on her shoulders, so the trip was well worth it.  I might also add, she looks super cute in purple!)

Then, on January 2nd, I took Image to a clinic at Turning Point Farm with Kathy Crowley.  It was really mostly just to get Image out, but it was still a lot of fun.  (Plus, it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks my horse is nice.  Positive reinforcement works on both of us!)

Oh!  And I got a new show shirt for Christmas!!  It’s a Hobby Horse and I was super excited to wear it at the first meet back after break!!

The highlight of my break, however, was without a doubt FLORIDA!  I spent a week in Fort Myers visiting my grandparents who live there for four months out of the year.  My boyfriend and I had a ton of fun going to all of my favorite places, as well as playing putt-putt golf and hanging out at the pool.  We even got to see dolphins!

The highlight of my Florida trip: Dolphins!!

Reality has set in, however, as I’m back in the snow, getting pumped up for my last meet of the season before regionals.  Bring it on, semester – I’m ready for you!

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