End of the Regular Season

Classes are well under way now and I think I’m finally starting to get into the swing of things. vSo far I like all of my professors and it’s nice to not have my classes start until ten every day.  But enough about classes, I’ve got horsey stuff to tell you!

Our last regular season meet of the year was held on January 16th at Michigan State University.  Since classes hadn’t resumed yet (the semester started on the 18th), we were all a little rusty and, on top of having no real practice time, we had a number of riders incapacitated, including one with a broken arm and another with appendicitis.  Nonetheless, we held our own and, with only eight riders, we finished mid- pack as a team.  That may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but having only eight riders compared to MSU’s and GVSU’s ranks of 20 plus is pretty impressive.

Denise gives me a pep talk before my second ride on Ozzie.

My first draw, Rocky, proved to be a bit of a challenge for me, and I ended up only placing fifth in my first open class.  In my second open class, I placed third, which was quite an accomplishment considering the squirrely little mare I drew.  When reining rolled around, I drew one of Albion’s horses, Sonny, and I was super excited that I had such a great draw.  (Everyone in the region loves Sonny!)  Sadly, Sony refused to stand for our spins at the beginning of our pattern, so I was granted a re-ride on a huge appendix quarter horse named Ozzie.  I was a little bit nervous going into the ring, but Ozzie and I ended up winning the class.  For the next show, I once again drew Ozzie for reining and was super excited for our ride.  We laid down a nice clean pattern that I thought was worthy of first, but I guess the judge was looking for something a bit flashier, so we ended up third.  Still, I was happy with my ride.

Our biggest accomplishments of the day were qualifying several more Albion riders for Regionals, which are coming up this month. I was lucky to be one of them, qualifying in reining and only missing open by a couple of points.  (I’m a little bummed that I didn’t make it in both, but it’ll be nice going into Regionals with a little less weight on my shoulders.)  For the first time ever, Albion is hosting the regional show, so I’m busy preparing for both helping run everything and riding in it.

Puffer fish!

Outside of lessons and classes, not too much is going on.  I celebrated my birthday last weekend, which included a trip to Marshall for some Chinese food and a free movie at the Bogar theatre, followed by hanging out with friends on campus.  Some of my favorite presents included a hot cowboy calendar and a puffer fish for my new fish tank!  He’s so cool!

With only two more weeks until Regionals, it’s time to start working hard!  Good luck to all the qualifiers – I’ll see you soon!


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