The Road to the Semi Finals

Texas, here I come!

After approximately three hours of searching and comparing prices, my tickets for Texas have been finalized!

My coach Denise and her friend Karen, along with my boyfriend James and I will fly out early Friday morning, have a layover in Houston, and (if everything goes according to plan) arrive in Amarillo, Texas at about 1:00 local time.  From there, we’ll pick up a rental car and drive to Canyon, Texas, which is the location of West Texas A&M University, Semi-Finals, and our hotel.  (Since I’ve never been to Texas, I also hope we will have time to do a little sightseeing, but it will be early to bed for me because the next day is show day!)

What will I be doing between then and now?  Riding of course!

In addition to my regular lessons, riding at home, and the occasional workout here on campus in our fitness center, Denise has arranged for me to take a couple of reining lessons with Tim and Cindy Katona.  (When you travel to Texas for a show, you draw a real reining horse, the kind that isn’t always readily available at our home meets here in Michigan, so I need to become familiar with all of the buttons and when/how to push them.)

Located in Belleville, Michigan, the Katonas and their clients all hold impressive show records, some including top ten finishes in NRHA, so I know I’m in good hands.  So far I have two lessons under my belt and I’m hoping to get one more in this weekend.  My first lesson involved riding a somewhat lazy gelding named Buddy and working on changes of speed along with roll backs and squaring off corners; my second lesson was spent working on running circles and spins on a very talented five year old gelding.  I’ve had a lot of fun learning about this sport from some of the best and I’m hoping that this hard work all pays off!

On March 26th, be sure to think of me down in Texas, where I’ll be riding a real reiner – hopefully  all the way to the Nationals!

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