Giddy Up!

“Horse sense, n.: Stable thinking.” ~Author Unknown.

On March 26, the Albion College Equestrian Club put on a community event at the Held Equestrian Center called Giddy Up.  Giddy Up is a free annual event put on for community members to come learn about horses.  The events committee of the club had been planning this event for a couple months now and it was finally time to see all of their hard work pay off.

At the event, there were different activities such as painting a pony, a scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, learning about tack, learning how to groom and, in the arena, a variety of demos.  Each area had something different for people to learn about. There was certainly a lot for people to do and we had club members working each station so they could talk about some aspect of horses.

Barrel racing was one of the riding demonstrations presented.

The demos ran very well and the club certainly appreciated all of those who volunteered to perform. The demos involved dressage, jumping, barrel racing, trail, and cross country.  Each demo ran at a different time and we had an announcer discussing the different aspect of each ride.  I thought it was fun for people to watch the different types of disciplines demonstrated while hearing about the different features of said discipline; it gave them a real live visual aid while they listened to the information.

Along with the demos and the activities, community members were able to meet and talk with the girls involved with the equestrian club and could ask the club members questions.  Having the club members there was a good way for people to learn even more about horses and hear stories about people’s experiences with horses.  It allowed the club members to talk about something that’s special to them and they were able to pass on their stories and knowledge to someone else – quite exciting!

Overall, I thought the entire Giddy Up event ran smoothly. We had a decent turnout (despite cold weather) and the club volunteers did a great job of running things.  Now that it’s over, we’ve taken mental notes of what can be done differently for next year.  (Want to see video footage of the day?  Check out the Albion College Equestrian Facebook page!)

We thoroughly recorded all of the Giddy Up activity - and I even recorded some of the recording process itself!

In other club news, this school year is coming to an end so we recently held club elections for officer positions.  For the coming year, we have reinstated the historian position, which takes care of recording the events the club puts on and other activities the club partakes in.  (There had been a lack of interest in the position previously but now we’re back on track.)  The other four officer positions we voted on were the traditional ones – president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary – and all of them are equally important.

In addition to officers, we also voted on three committee chairs: Events, Public Relations, and Fundraising.  With this structure in place, we hope the committees (which were new this year) will help improve the club even more.  For 2011-2012, the club voted: Lauren Levy for Events Committee chair, Nora Cox for Public Relations chair, and Amanda Douglas for Fundraising Committee chair.  Congratulations to all of them and I wish them luck in the year to come!

As for the officer positions, the club votes resulted in the following:

–Historian: Emilie Taylor
–Secretary: Nora Cox
–Treasurer: Heather Waldron
–Vice President: Lannis Smith & Chelsea Utt  (It was an even tie.)
–President: Sarah Morris  (Yep.  That’s me!)

Equestrian club enthusiasm!

Congratulations to the new officers!  I can honestly say I’m looking forward to working with all of them next year to improve the club.  I’ve already got a lot of ideas brewing in my brain for plans next year and am hoping we can have a super fun time!


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