Looking to Next Year


Everyone got all dressed up for the end-of-year banquet.

“To ride or not to ride – this is a stupid question.” ~Brandy Michelle

As the 2010-2011 year rolls to an end, the new officers of the Equestrian Club have been starting to take over their new positions.  This means as I’ve been completing my tasks as treasurer for this year, I’ve also been picking up my tasks for president next year – which includes running the last club meeting.

Honestly, it wasn’t a hard task because the last club meeting covered relatively simple stuff.  We mentioned Sleight Desserts, the leadership awards event for the entire campus (congratulations to Nora Cox and Alyssa Olson for receiving the Outstanding Club Member Award for equestrian), the end-of-year equestrian banquet (which occurred this past Tuesday), and a wrap up from the hunt seat zone show.  (Good job to my fellow blogger Lauren Levy, Brittney Stanton, Emily Thompson, and Emilie Taylor!)

Dressage team (girl) power! L-R: Coach Danielle Menteer, team captain Kjirsten Sneed, Greer Clemons, me, Nora Cox, Sam Green, and Alyssa Olson.

The main topic of discussion at the club meeting was just recapping the entire year.  It was an open floor discussion and we got a good conversation going. We discussed what we need to improve on and what we thought went well.  We also started to discuss ideas for next year.  It was nice to have the club members give input on the activities and events we put on this year and the ideas they had for next year.  (Personally, I think the equestrian club is headed in a good direction and I’m excited to see where it goes next year.)

I’d like to say GREAT YEAR to every Albion College equestrian girl.  (That’s right – we were all girls this year.  No boys, unfortunately.)  The banquet was a lot of fun and I enjoyed hearing about all the accomplishments Albion College equestrians earned.  Also, the end of the year videos (made by Alyssa Olson) were awesome.  They showed off wonderful memories each of the teams had during the year and it’s always a blast to relive your own team’s events and inside jokes.

With that said congratulations to all the equestrian girls for an amazing year.  Also, good luck to my summer blogging teammate Kjirsten Sneed, who will be attending IDA Nationals this weekend.  She’s almost done with her senior year at Albion and has just one more task to complete.  Her entire Albion College IDA team wishes her a great ride and we hope she goes out with a bang!

I think that wraps about everything up for me.  I had my last dressage lesson for the school year on Monday and am excited to be taking some more over the summer, since I’ll be on campus this summer for the Gerstacker program.  I think it’ll really help my dressage riding progress even further and I love that I can take what I learn in my dressage lessons back to improve my saddle seat riding even more.


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