Zone Wrap-Up and the End of the Year

Myself and my fellow IHSA academic award winners posing at the banquet with our certificates.

I can’t believe the school year is almost over – but boy, has it been exciting!  🙂
Last time I wrote, I had just qualified for IHSA Zones and now that time has flown by, I look back and realize that Zones were two weekends ago.  The entire team got to travel to Otterbein University in Columbus, Ohio to support the four of us that qualified, which was amazing because their support meant a lot.
The trip started with a Chinese food dinner – but then again, what trip with George doesn’t start out with Chinese food?  After, we went to our hotel, which had both a pool and a hot tub, the place that I can assure you is where we teammates spent most of the night.
After getting a good night’s sleep (after the swimming, of course), we went to Otterbein to begin our day.  There were between six and 10 riders in each section of the classes and, since they had to run both team-based classes (for the teams that qualified as a whole) and individual-based classes (for those of us who qualified as individuals), the show ran from about 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Our open jumper rider, Brittney Stanton began the day with a great ride for a sixth place finish, our walk-trot rider, Emily Thomson, followed, then I rode, and lastly, our walk, trot, canter rider, Emilie Taylor.  We all rode really well in our sections, but unfortunately, none of us qualified for IHSA Nationals.  Honestly, though these weren’t the results we were hoping for, we all had a lot of fun at the show and all four of us were happy we even made it to Zones – an accomplishment itself!

Current hunt seat team captain Lannis Smith and our coach George Halkett with our newest co-captain Arielle Smith.

This past Tuesday we had our annual end-of-the-year equestrian awards banquet, where all the teams got together to celebrate the year’s accomplishments.  It was a great time and I received a national IHSA all-academic award, which is given to IHSA competitors who maintain good academic GPAs while competing.  We also found out that one of our newer team members, Arielle Smith, will be joining Lannis Smith (no relation) as co-captain, which was very exciting news!

I am now continuing to prepare for a summer of horse showing on my horse, Bailey, and my friend’s sale horse, George.  If any of you readers are going to be around the region in the next few months, come see us at Waterloo, Lamplight (Ledges), and the last week of Traverse City’s Horse Shows by the Bay!
I hope everyone has a great summer – I know I will!


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