Howdy from South Dakota!

 Howdy, readers!

I’m Nicole Howey and I’m from South Dakota.  I’ll be a junior at Albion next fall and my current major is art but I am also studying pre-veterinary medicine.  I am a member of the Albion College dressage team.  (I adore all my teammates and will truly miss them this summer!)  While I may be on the dressage team at school, however, my heart truly lies with the sport of eventing.  I have a 14 year old gray roan Thoroughbred mare named Essence of Legends (Essy for short).

Me following Essence and keeping a close eye on her! (Once you hit Iowa and MN it becomes a pretty boring drive.)

Most recently, I have finally arrived home after the long trip from Michigan.  It took us a total of two days to finally reach the grasslands of the Dakotas.  The drive is about 14 and a half hours total and we usually break it up and spend the night in Ames, Iowa (also known as the home of Iowa State University).  Iowa State was one of the schools I thought about going to until I discovered Albion; now, ironically enough, I am hoping to get into their school of veterinary medicine after I graduate!   Whenever we drive by going to or from Albion, I always like to take a sneak peak at the animal labs for veterinary medicine students. 

You will see these all over South Dakota and Minnesota - it’s so windy out here!

Now that I’m settling in back in South Dakota, I’m looking forward to a summer that is going to be super busy!  Because I am pursing a veterinary career, I have been job shadowing my local veterinarians at Dakota Large Animal Clinic every chance I get and, after watching the doctors work their magic last summer, I was asked to come work for them this summer.  I am thrilled to get this chance to work so closely with these talented doctors on a daily basis!  Don’t worry, I’ll have lots of stories about ponies and other animals that come into the clinic to tell.  (With that said, I hope you readers have strong stomachs!)

Along with working with the veterinarians, I will also be eventing with Essy.  My training starts soon – I have a cross country clinic in Minnesota with one of my trainers.  (This is our first cross country clinic in about two years so not only am I super excited, but I’m of course a little nervous!)


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