I have to say, I wrote my first blog about two weeks ago and not a lot has happened since.  Carl will be arriving in just over a week, so I am madly cleaning the barn and prepping the horses, which includes cleaning pastures, washing barn walls, washing windows, clipping horses, oiling tack, straightening up the barn, etc.  (People often laugh at how picky I am about my barn being clean, but not my mom, who has had to drag me out of there at 10:00 at night when I was on a 10 foot ladder still washing walls!)

Here are SB and I when we visited Carl in Wellington over Christmas break. I am on the gray named (Fly) and SB is on the bay (Charlie). Both Fly and Charlie will be arriving from Florida next week.

Both of my horses are doing great at getting back into shape.  I have been working on some lateral work (shoulder-in, haunches-in, and leg yields) and they have been great with counter-canter and extension work.  I have jumped them just a few times and you would never know that they had the winter off.  My little sister, Ally has also put a lot of time into getting her pony fit up.  Jelli, Solo, and Arrow are definitely going to be ready for Carl when he gets here!

I have finally also had the chance to ride with two of my best friends that I will train with all summer, Christina and Sarah Beth (SB).  Christina is graduating this year and owns a Quarter Horse gelding named Elvis.  SB is a sophomore at Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania and she will also return as a working student for Carl this year.  The three of us always have a good time together!

This is Christina and I on Solo and Elvis. These two horses are best friends - except when Elvis is causing trouble!

In the midst of all of my cleaning and preparation for Carl’s arrival, a new horse came in on Friday. He is a friend’s horse – a six year old Thoroughbred off of the track named Augy – and he will be a great project horse for me to work with this summer.  He just came off the track about a year ago and is really green so my goal is to teach him to jump small courses and work consistently.

As far as my sales internship with the Plaid Horse goes, I have not been so lucky, unfortunately.  I have made several calls to my targets, which are supplement and insurance companies and a majority of those calls ended in a voicemail.  Later, when I followed up with another call, they just ended in another voicemail.  Let’s be honest – when the answering machine says that they will get back to you, it is lying!  They really have no interest in calling you back.  I have gotten a few calls, however, though most people that I have talked to have full budgets for the year.  I will keep trying and it is still a fun job.

The next few weeks will get a lot more interesting.  The barn will fill up and Carl will be working our butts off!   I have another week to finish getting everything ready.

Geez….I better get back to work!!


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