The best laid plans…

As we all know, things don’t necessarily go according to plan when you work with horses, and the last few weeks have been no exception.  On Thursday, Carl’s horses left Florida and they arrived here on Saturday safely.  Carl was supposed to pack them up on Thursday and then leave on Friday.  Then, after arriving here on Sunday, he would be here for about 10 days before he went to Vermont to visit his children and grandchildren for two weeks.

That was the original plan, anyway.

This is Fly and I in Wellington this winter. I love this horse so much - and he can jump the moon!

The Monday before Carl was set to leave, he went to the hospital because his stomach ulcer was bleeding.  The following Tuesday he left the hospital with a pacemaker.  (I know what you’re thinking – those two things together don’t make a lot of sense, but thankfully they discovered his irregular heartbeats before they became a problem.)  This is the first heart problem he has had, which is really impressive for an 80 year old man.  He is now out of the hospital and doing fine but he can’t travel for a while and, when he can, he is going to go straight to Vermont before he comes here.  Now we probably won’t see Carl until the beginning of July.

While we are all disappointed that we have to wait to start training with him, we have his horses to play with and keep in shape in the mean time.   All of his horses are extremely well trained and fun to ride. Fly is a six year old dappled gray Thoroughbred and he is Carl’s baby!  It is amazing how much that horse loves Carl too – Fly would even eat carrots out of Carl’s mouth until the day he got too close.  That ended with a trip to the hospital, stitches in Carl’s lip, and several very intrigued nurses that wanted to see the guy that got bit in the face by a horse!

This is Charlie and SB in Wellington. He is such a good boy!

There is also Charlie, a 12 year old bay Quarter Horse gelding.  He’s a great guy and the type of horse that will keep anyone safe.  He will even take my 11 year old sister around a 2’6” course!  Lastly, there is Red, another Thoroughbred.  He just had his hocks injected so he needs a few days off, but he is an awesome mover!

My horses are doing well and I am sohappy with their progress. Jelli is starting to get both of her flying changes consistently and Solo is just always a good boy.  And as far as my new project, Augy, he learns extremely quickly.  He is starting to develop a frame and I have been able to introduce trot poles, simple changes, cantering from the walk, and trail rides with ease.  I can’t wait to see how much he has changed by the end of this summer.

This is Red and SB at my house last summer. We can’t wait to get Red back in work!

The barn is also starting to get back into shape (finally!).  Having my friends and a few extra hands around the barn really helps.  One day, SB and I cleaned 96 windows each!  Now we have eight horses to keep up with and they all have their little quirks – which can make everything more interesting.  In the last week alone, Jelli threw both of her front shoes in one day, Fly broke out with hives all over her body and then showed up lame, and Elvis’s EPM acted back up.

If only things could go according to plan for once!


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