Holding Pattern

Readers, I was hoping to get to write to you this time and tell you about Carl’s arrival and the start of my days as a working student, but sadly this is not the case.  Carl is doing great, but he is still in Vermont.  He was a little delayed in leaving because he needed to get his doctor appointments taken care of but hopefully he should be arrive at the end of this week!

It’s a little disappointing that, instead of getting to spend two months with a nationally-renowned trainer, I only get to spend one month before school starts again.  Then Carl will be here until October when I am at school.  (It makes it a little difficult to leave for school when you know what you’re leaving behind.)  Our timing just didn’t work out right, but not very many people get this kind of opportunity, so I can’t complain.  I’m sure going to make the most of the time I do get to work with him!

One thing that I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to do this summer like I had planned is Horse Shows By the Bay (HSBTB) in Traverse City.  I had hoped to take Jelli and compete in our first rated show and we didn’t plan to do any other shows so we could save the money for this one since it is very costly.  Last year, we had a similar plan, but Carl was leaving for Vermont so we decided that this year we would plan it way ahead of time to make sure we could compete.  We had the trip all figured out and even almost put a $500 deposit down on a cottage for the week, but then Carl was delayed.  Now by the time Carl gets here, he would only have a week to school me before the last week of HSBTB, and I just am not sure that we can be ready in that short of a time frame.  Still, there is always next year and we will definitely be ready to kick butt by then.

In the last week though, I have been asked several times by many acquaintances, “Why aren’t you at ‘By the Bay’?”  It’s quite funny because, when they ask, they aren’t really expecting to hear my crazy story, but they just happen to ask the right question and get to hear it when I respond.

Meanwhile, the girls and I have stayed very busy.  Two more horses have arrived from Grosse Pointe for about 6 weeks and another horse came in from the area.  Chores take a little more time with 11 horses out there now and there is always something that should be done.  We even did hay on the Fourth of July – though there aren’t very many things that are more American than hauling hay!  (I don’t know how many of you have hauled hay before, but I have to say that hauling hay is probably one of my least favorite parts of riding. It seems like it is always really hot and miserable, but I do feel very accomplished when it is done.)

The horses are all great and I have had a great time working with them and the girls at the barn.  This week is just about adding the touch-ups before Carl finally gets here!


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