Back to the Grind

Sadly, Labor Day has come and gone, signifying the true end to summer.  I can’t even imagine where all the time went, but I have so much news to catch you up on, including the end of my summer and the start of school in Albion.

During the last week of my summer vacation, I had to leave for tour guide training on Wednesday.  Augy’s owner, Sandi Carlton, was hosting a horse show that weekend at her place, which is only 30 minutes from Albion.  All summer we talked about needing to get Jelli off the farm so she could experience a different arena, so I figured this was a good opportunity.  The Sunday before the show, I asked my dad what he thought about taking Augy home and showing while we were there anyway.  He thought I was nuts, but I talked him into it!

This is Solo and I the day before I left for school. I had fallen at an earlier jump, but we still made it up to 4' that day. He is such a good boy!

That Wednesday I left for school, and Sarah helped clean all the horses up and pack the trailer.  Friday evening, my dad, Carl, and Ally all pulled into Windsong Stables with Jelli, Solo, and Augy in the back. The show went great from there.  I took Augy in his first two flat classes and he placed sixth in Adult Hunter under Saddle.  It was the first time that Sandi had seen him since he had left her and she was very pleased with his progress.  Ally rode Solo in the Children’s Hunter and Limit Equitation divisions and she ended with a fifth in her first medal class ever!

For her part, Jelli was absolutely amazing!  To put things into perspective:  the last show she went to was a little schooling show a year and a half ago and she was nuts.  She spooked at everything, tried running away, and was just all in all hard to handle.  I had no idea what to expect at this show.  As we were walking out to school, she jumped a few times, but as soon as she stepped in the arena, she was all business.  She took the distances, made the strides, got most of her changes, and – most importantly – she was listening.  She went on to win reserve champion in Open Hunter and grand champion in Junior/ Adult Amateur Hunter.  Jelli and I had so much fun; we never really had a bad course. It was so great to see all the work that I have done finally fall into place!  She is growing up, and I can’t wait to bring her to Horse Shows by the Bay next summer!

This is Sarah and Augy. He sure came a long way this summer. Everyone was sad to see him go home, but since he's close to Albion, I'm looking forward to working with him more while I'm at school.

After the weekend was over, I realized that I had never made it out to go school shopping.  In my desperation to hold onto summer, I had left for school with no supplies.  After the first week, I got organized and fell into more of a routine.  So far I really like all of my classes, and my roommate is the best!  Team tryouts are over (I’m riding for Albion again this year) and lessons start this week.  This year will be fun!

One thought on “Back to the Grind

  1. Congratulations on getting into the Albion team again Heather! Boy, this Summer sped by. Thanks for riding Petra for us. She has gone to a great home with Nancy Anderson’s granddaughter and his winning her classes. Kate Etherly.

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