Internships, Internships, Internships

Where did September go?!  I’ve been in school for six weeks but it sure doesn’t feel like it!

See? I miss this face when I'm away at school!

So far, everything with the equestrian team is going well.  We have six new freshmen on the team, which makes up somewhat for the five seniors we lost last year.  All six girls have a great amount of talent and I’m looking forward to watching them show.

Our first meet is next weekend in Midland and the next weekend is our home meet.  Our captain, Amanda, has been working veryhard to get everything together and it’s coming along well.  The thing I’m most excited about is that I’m loaning my horse, Image, for the team to use at the show, which means she gets to come to Albion!  I miss my horse a lot when I’m at school, so it’ll be nice to have her here for a change.

Oh!  And guess what?  I was featured in one of the equestrian program ads in The Plaid Horsemagazine!  If you’re familiar with the magazine, you should check it out!  (Image is in there too.) 

My boyfriend knew I was stressed about all of my internship applications and interviews so he sent a dozen roses. Isn't he sweet?

But honestly, while the rest of the team has been focused on the upcoming meets, my mind has been focused on internships, internships, internships.  As a Gerstacker student at Albion, I’m required to do two internships as a graduation requirement and fall is recruiting season for them.  So far I’ve applied for accounting internships at Rehmann, Baker Tilly, Dow Corning, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Ernst & Young, and in the past week, I’ve interviewed with three of them.  It was a bit stressful, but I’m hoping that they’ll be contacting me for in-office interviews in the next few weeks.  So far, Gerstacker has done an amazing job at preparing me for the interview process and I hope I’ll be able to represent Albion well at whatever internships I’m offered.

The rest of my classes are going well and I’m still working at the Yacht Club on the weekends as a waitress.  Between the internship process, working, and the show season, it’s going to continue to be a LONG semester – but I’m ready for it!


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