A busy weekend (and coffee for 50 cents)!

Last weekend was such a busy one for the entire equestrian program!

I had to be up and awake by 7 am on Saturday to go announce at the IHSA stock seat show that was held here at Albion.  My friend Hayley and I were asked to help out and we had no problem in doing so.  (Personally, I have always wanted to announce at a horse show – but I didn’t really realize how long of a day it actually is when you’re sitting in a room secluded from everyone.)  But nevertheless, it was a lot of fun.

Hayley and I took turns announcing for each class.  We were in charge of reading the results and asking for changes of gaits, etc.  We even had our own official walkie-talkie to communicate with the captain of the Albion stock seat team, Amanda, and the ring steward throughout the day – it made us seem very official!

 After the first show was completed around noon and the final results were announced, it was time for some coffee.  (The IHSA stock seat teams in our region do double-header shows in one day; one show is held in the morning and the second show is held after lunch.)  We had been there since before 8 in the morning and knew we had another good four hours ahead of us.  Thank goodness for the awesome coffee machine in the viewing area at the Held Center!  At 50 cents per cup, how could you not get at least 2 cups of coffee?

With the second show running smoothly and Hayley and I talking about random things in between classes and important announcements, the show was soon completed!  We were also proud to announce that Albion had won the second show, so it was a great way to end the day.   It was a great experience for Hayley and I to get to see how a college equestrian meet is held and what exactly happens at it, considering neither of us had ever been to one before.

The next day (Sunday) was a lazy day, consisting of homework, unnecessary snacking and (of course!), going out to the barn to see my horse Dane.  I worked on some groundwork with him that I learned at the Buck Branaman clinic back in September because, for some reason, Dane thinks that the door at the far end of the barn that leads outside is going to eat him every time he walks past it.  So, while smiling and laughing under my breath, I slowly got him to circle closer and closer to that door until he was no longer threatened by its looks.  (He’s such a dork.)

But I guess it’s those things that make us love our horses even more, right?


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