Kick Off

The IHSA show season has officially started!

We had our first show two weeks ago at Saginaw Valley’s barn.  All in all we had a really strong day and came in third place overall, only three points behind the lead.  It was a beautiful day and incredibly warm.  (That will probably be the only show where we get too warm this season!)

Some of the team enjoying a nice day at the Saginaw Valley show - it was 85˚F and sunny. We won’t have that for much longer!

I have been known to somehow always end up with the biggest horses in the draw pool.  (I am only five feet tall!)  As we watched the warm-up at SVSU, I saw Odie, one of the biggest horses out there, and commented to the girls that I would probably draw her – which I did!  But imagine my surprise when she ended up being one of my favorite horses that I have ever ridden.  She was very light and responsive to the aids despite the fact that my leg hardly came off the flap of the saddle. We even won our class!

After the show, I went home for fall break on Monday and Tuesday.  It was the last few days before Carl left, so he had me jump everyone.  I jumped nine horses in about a 24-hour time span!  We did bounces, lines, angled fences, and a lot of quality lateral work.  It was a great last lesson from Carl for the year!

Odie and me in action - she was such a great draw!

Then last weekend we were at Western Michigan’s show.  It was a lot of fun – except for the fact that, unlike the SVSU show, it was extremely windy and cold.  We all huddled in the barn and only came outside when one of our riders was competing.  In fact, it was so windy that jumps were blowing over as girls were doing their courses!

For my class, I drew a horse named Archie. Despite the weather being bitter, he was still really lazy.  I had to work the whole time to get him to move forward, but all in all we had a good ride.

Three more shows are left for this semester and then there are a few more scheduled for next semester – including our home meet in February.  Our team has presented a strong threat this season, and we are going to continue to do so – Go Brits!

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