Show Prep!

So, Thanksgiving break is almost here – and then comes a week of finals.  Yippee.  (Notice there was no exclamation point there.)

Luckily for me – and many of the other girls here at Albion – on the heels of last weekend’s jumper schooling show, there is going to be a dressage schooling show held here at the equestrian center next weekend.  And (even more) luckily, I will be showing Dane in it in First Level tests 1 and 3!  (November 19th is the home dressage meet for the IDA team and, since they got “S” judge Sarah Michael to come in for that, she’s agreed to stay after and do a short schooling show.)

Check it out! Dane and I are the face of one of the equestrian program's new marketing pieces!

I’m a little nervous because I haven’t ridden an actual test since the middle of summer, so it’s time to break out the test booklet and start memorizing!  Lessons have been going really well with Danielle, though.  We seem to be progressing in our training – which is really exciting for me, especially because Dane has his usual “weekly episodes” that everyone finds just so funny – and I guess I do too.  I’ve found that I’ve had to do a lot of ground work with Dane each time before I ride in the indoor arena, however.  I think he just gets really insecure with how large that arena is and that makes him get even more A.D.D. than normal, so it can never hurt to go back to basics (even if it is every time).

Academically, things are also going well – I just always wish there could be more time spent at the barn!


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