New Year, New Internship

My very own cubicle!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 Normally Albion students have a nice long winter break, but that has not been the case for me this year.  All my comrades have been kicking back and taking it easy, but I’ve already started my internship!  In fact, this is already my third week!

For those of you who missed my last blog, I was accepted into Thomson Reuter’s internship program as a product support intern.  The company develops software for multiple different industries (like accounting and healthcare) and then they do their own product support for the companies that utilize the software – which is where I come in.  Currently, I’m being trained on their UltraTax program (which is used by many different accounting firms) and then when my training is complete, I’ll be working as a support representative for their 1,120 clients!  As an accounting student, this opportunity is very advantageous for me because I’ll soon be proficient in one of the most commonly used brands of tax software. Plus, I get to help some of the biggest firms in the country with their tax problems – how cool is that?

Image says hello! (She wants there to be snow so she can play in it and not have to work.)

So, as you can probably guess, I’m keeping very busy with this internship, but I still find some time to play with my pony.  In fact, since we barely have gotten any snow so far this winter, I’ve gotten her out for a few trail rides while I’ve been home.

Additionally, the western team’s next meet is coming up on the 15th at MSU.  I’m super excited since I only need two points in each of my divisions to qualify for Regionals!!  I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

(By the way, January 29th is my birthday, so you can start shopping now for my birthday present – or at least remember to wish me a happy 21st.)  🙂


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