Fun in the Sun


It’s back to school and the cold for me!

Here I am with 19 hands of Nick!

After spending a week in Florida, this snowy weather has been a reality check.  You see, for the last week of break, my friend Sarah, my sister Ally, and I went to Wellington, Florida to visit Carl.  The weather was perfect and we had a lot of adventures!  We rode just about every day and most of the time I rode Fly, which was great because I sure miss the guy.  One day though, Carl put me on another horse at the barn named Nick.  He is a 19 hand Irish Warmblood and not only is he huge, but he also likes to get strong and drag you around.

I must say that, with me being only five feet tall, Nick was a little intimidating.  I rode him a little tentatively at first just to get the feel of him.  He was a great mover and much more responsive than I expected for a horse of his size.  After a few minutes, Carl asked me to pop him over a few fences.  We started off great after a few singles, so Carl had me move on to two diagonal singles.  After the first set, Nick came back to me, did a nice change, and then we started toward the next.  About six strides out, I did a little half-halt to ask him to wait and the rein snapped!  I couldn’t believe it!  I pulled him in a circle with the one rein that I had enough to get him to slow down, and then I jumped off.   We were both fine, but it was just a little scary.


Later in the week, Carl took us over to McClain Ward’s place because he is a friend of the family.  We went into the barn and met Sapphire!   I couldn’t believe that I went in the stall with one of the most famous horses in the world.  Talk about exciting!  We also went over to WEF and watched the Grand Prix where Rodrigo Pessoa, Lesley Howard, and many other big names competed.  Earlier in the day while watching some hunter trips, I watched Victoria Colvin compete in the junior hunters – and then realized that she was just on the cover (and was the main story) in Practical Horsemen.  It was surely an exciting week packed with horses and riding.

The start of school came quickly and began with a double-header hunt seat meet hosted by Michigan State University.  It was a good weekend for me that ended with a first, two seconds, and a fifth.

Spring semester here I come!


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