Mid-Term Madness

It’s so hard to believe that we are already a week away from spring break and that this semester is halfway done. Classes have been good, but my favorite part of this semester has been having Jelli here with me. The first week or so she had a hard time adjusting, but she quickly settled in. I have managed to find enough time to see her about five to six days a week. I don’t know how excited she is about this, but it is a great for me!

Here is IHSA founder Bob Cacchione with Albion College president Donna Randall. It was very exciting to have him attend our home hunt seat meet!

She has been doing really well at going back into work from her time off this winter, but we did have one day where, well… she acted like a mare. She started off really quiet – even over fences where she likes to get a little more excited – and then we cantered one fence and it all changed. She landed, ducked her head, and took off bucking. She threw me onto her neck and continued bucking. Then I somehow managed to wiggle back over the pommel, and we tried again, but the rest of the day she wouldn’t stop bucking. The next day she just cantered around like nothing happened. I think it must be a mare thing -their attitudes change so quickly!

I have also been saddle shopping lately. When I brought Jelli down, I couldn’t figure out why I was so tipped forward and my leg was so far back. Then I figured out my saddle was too small, and after trying a different one, my legs were much better. This news didn’t come as too much of a shock since I have had this saddle since I was 10! Saddle shopping has been a little difficult because I am so small and Jelli has high withers, but it is still fun.

A few weeks ago, Albion hosted our IHSA home show and Bob Cacchione, the founder of IHSA, attended. It was a lot of work, but it ended up running very smoothly. The only problem was that it was only 4˚F, and the week before had been 40˚F! All the horses were more than a little full of it and we had to run them in the indoor. Petoskey, the horse I drew for my jumping, had already been on a few bucking sprees earlier in the day, but he was great for my class – so great we even won it! Our flat class was good too and we placed third. I missed qualifying for regionals in fences by 7 points and flat by 3, but I will point up into a new division (and qualify!) at the start of next year.

This semester has been flying by and I can’t believe IHSA is done for the year. At least it gives me time to spend with my horse!


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