Tax (and Semi Finals!) Preparation

It seems like this month has gone by so slow, but that might be partially because March 15th was the corporate tax return deadlineand I’ve been counting down the days until Semi Finals!

Here I am celebrating St. Patrick's Day in my cubicle - with a nod to Albion College, of course!

My internship has been going well, but was extermely busy and stressful the last few weeks, but with the corporate deadline over, things are slowing down for me now.  It’s nice to have a little lag time between calls, and it’s also nice to not be working until 10:00 p.m.  In addition, my long and crazy hours cut into my riding time a little, but I did manage to get Image out for a few good and successful rides.  I’m not really sure what’s going on with her these days, but she’s been behaving like a completely different horse.  I guess now that she’s almost sixteen she’s decided to grow up a little and stop acting like a two year old.  I never would have thought she’d be a steady and consistently reliable horse, but she’s definitely heading that way.  (And I’m not complaining!)

Getting ready for a lesson at Eliza's with her school horse Stretch.

So, with the tax deadline finally over, I packed my St. Patrick’s Day weekend with riding lessons and horse related activities.  On Saturday, I went to visit my trainer Eliza and get an equitation lesson again.  It went pretty well and it was good to see her.  Then I went home and took Image out for a spin and her first bath of the year.  After that, I did some relaxing, and in the morning, James and I were off to see the Katonas.  Tim came through with another enlightening and entertaining lesson (as usual) and it felt really good to be on a reiner again.  Ray, my mount, was a great little mare and she made me work for it, which is what I needed.  In addition, Tim and I went over what to look for in each of the horses I might be riding down in Florida.  It was a good prep, and I think I’m pretty well prepared for the show (although I still need to pack!)

Florida State, here I come  – and good luck to all of the competitors this weekend!


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