Spring Fever

One thing is for sure – Michigan weather takes every extreme!  Two weeks ago, I went home for spring break and I made it there just in time to be greeted by 18 inches of snow.  It was one of the worst storms northern Michigan has seen in a while and the snow was very wet and heavy.  As a result, we had a lot of down power lines and thousands of people were without power for up to five days!  To compound the problem, the county road commission has fewer hours on the weekend and could only take care of the main roads.  Many of the back roads were never plowed until Monday and families were snowed in with no power and no heat!  Thankfully, we didn’t lose power and my dad spent several hours plowing!  Getting water for the horses would have been a pain without it.

City clean up day! L-R - Equestrian club president Chelsea Utt, club secretary Nora Cox, and me.

After such a storm, it looked like winter was here to stay a little longer, but now it’s been in the 80s all week!  All of a sudden it feels like summer on campus.  Professors are having class outside, people are studying on the Quad, and everyone is wearing shorts and sandals!  My favorite part of the warm weather is being able to ride outside and I think Jelli likes it to.  She was better behaved on her first day outside than she has been in the indoor all winter.  She is more relaxed and moves so much better!  I even got to jump her around a full course outside the other day.  I find it so easy to lose track of time at the barn in the nice weather that I spent five hours just playing with Jelli the other day!  With all the nice weather, classes seem to get in the way of my riding time.  I definitely have a case of spring fever!

All of my classes have been going well but it is so much harder to focus when the sun is shining.  My ballroom dancing class is planning our end of the year performance right now.  We even have to sew our own dresses!  I need the fine art credit, but I am not good at dancing or sewing!

The Equestrian Club has also stayed busy.  A group of us did a clean-up throughout downtown Albion last week and this week we are planning a trip to Dexter to help with the tornado clean-up.  In about a month, we have our community open house, Giddy Up, where kids can come and learn about horses and riding.

Suffice to say, I can’t wait for summer to get here.  Only five more weeks!


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