Introducing Sarah & Sara

**Editor’s Note:  This blog entry introduces one of our new summer bloggers, Sarah Erdman.**

Hi everyone!  My name is Sarah Erdman and I’m from Portage, Michigan.  I just finished my sophomore year at Albion, where I am double majoring in mathematics and economics.  I am involved with so much at Albion, from being a research assistant to a math tutor, but let’s focus on the fun stuff:  horses!

I am a two-year member of the Albion College hunt seat team, where I compete in the Intermediate division on the flat and over fences.  I have met a lot of great girls through riding and have had the best experiences as a part of the team.  I even met my roommate, Heather, during our freshman year on the team.  (For those that read her blog, you know that she is pretty awesome!)  And while I have to say that it’s great riding at the college barn during the summer so far, I already miss seeing all of my teammates.

In addition to my internship and showing Sara, I’ve also had the opportunity to help bring one of Albion’s young school horses, Perry, back into work after an injury. Here we are on the lunge line – he’s such a good boy!

And why am I still riding at Albion this summer?  This is where I get to interject some exciting and non-horsey news:  I got an internship with Pfizer for the summer!  My official title is “VMRD Lab Science: Operational Effectiveness Student Worker,” which is a really fancy way of saying that I will be trying to maximize production efficiency in the animal health department.  The great part is that this will be my first internship experience and everyone I’ve spoken with has been really nice and welcoming!  The only not-so-great part is that I’ve already gotten an email about an interns versus managers softball game that’s being held in July.  Apparently I’ll be participating in it and, let’s just say my softball skills are not the greatest…

Thankfully the game is still two months away, so I have time to bribe friends to help me practice.  Overall, though, I’m really anxious to start my internship, so June can’t come soon enough!

Since I’m a better rider than a softball player, I’ll be showing this summer as well.  In fact, I recently competed one of Albion’s horses, Sara (aka Albion College Saranac), in the first HJAM (Hunter Jumper Association of Michigan) welcome week horse show.

(Side note: When I was four, I started riding and had a pony that I named Sarah, but trust me, this time the name thing is pure coincidence!)

Here we are at Waterloo – me, Sara, and Coach Randi.

Albion’s Sara is a 16 year old Thoroughbred mare and I have loved working with her this spring.  She is an ex-eventer and has competed in the Richland Park Horse Trials, so she definitely has been around the block, and jumps anything I ask her to!  My trainer and (Albion’s hunt seat coach) Randi Gardner took me to the HJAM show last weekend and we have a couple hunter/jumper shows planned for the rest of the summer.  Because Sara was unimpressed with the 3’0 and 3’3” jumps last week, however, when we return for the third week in the HJAM welcome series, we are going to see how she likes 3’6”.  I will keep you posted!


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