Hi from Hayley

Hi everyone!  My name is Hayley Gerber and I’m from Dexter, Michigan.  I just completed my first year at Albion, but my second year of college (I transferred to Albion at the beginning of this year).  I’m a pre-med student majoring in biochemistry and I have the MCAT and medical school applications lurking in my near future (scary!!).  But after a long grueling year of organic chemistry, I’m ready for a fun summer!

Here are Romulus and I coming in from a lesson in the big grass field with Danielle.

This summer will be vastly different from previous ones, since I will be living in Albion doing chemistry research for Albion College’s Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA).  What this means is that I will be in an organic chemistry lab for eight hours a day, five days a week all summer long – but believe it or not, I’m really looking forward to it.  Ultimately, my research is exploring the toxicity of particular synthesized compounds to cancer cells, so it will be very cool!

Enough with the academic stuff though.  What will be keeping me sane this summer is the time I spend at the barn.  (In fact, the barn is what has kept me sane all year!)  When I came to Albion in the fall, I hadn’t ridden in three and a half years and had missed it like crazy.  The idea of riding again was both exciting and terrifying.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t remember how!  But, like our equestrian club advisor Randi Heathman assured me, it was like riding a bike.  I felt like I had my training wheels on for a bit, but after that I was right back into it and it felt amazing!  So, if you come to Albion after not riding for awhile, don’t hesitate to sign up for lessons and jump right back in!

Such a good boy!

For the summer, I’m thrilled to be leasing Albion’s school horse Romulus, a 15-year-old warmblood gelding who has shown through Intermediate I dressage.  I started working with him in the winter to get him back into work after an injury and kind of fell in love.  I rode him in some of my lessons through the spring semester, but now is my chance to work with him every day.  Our first dressage show is at the Waterloo Hunt Club June 15 through 17.  Romulus and I have a lot of work to do before then, but I think we can be ready.  So, I’m looking forward to an amazing summer and I’ll keep you updated!


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