Jelli’s Jammin’ Debut

Finally, summer is here – and I had a great kick-off to it!!!

I finished my semester exams on a Wednesday morning and drove straight from school to a horse show at the Waterloo Hunt Club.  What a better way to start the summer, right?

Jelli was so good at the Waterloo show!

Jelli and I showed the first week of the Waterloo show with Windsong Stable.  Everything that we had worked on this winter finally came together and Jelli was awesome.  She did all of her flying changes perfectly and stayed quite relaxed.  She even placed second or third in all of our hack classes and placed well in many of our over fences too.  I was thrilled with how well she behaved for her first big horse show.  Maybe we can make a real competitor out of her after all!

Since I have been home, I have been trying to get Red and Solo back in shape.  Carl’s horses, Fly and Charlie, have already arrived so I have stayed really busy riding.  (I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even finished unpacking from school yet!)  I have about two weeks to get everything cleaned up and ready before Carl arrives from Florida.

Wish me luck!


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