Unexpected at Waterloo

I have to say, our most recent show at Waterloo did not go as expected.

It went much better!

This picture that Jordan got is my favorite from the weekend!  (Photo credit: Jordan Tieche)

Randi, Sara (the horse), Jordan (one of my best friends and an amazing photographer – see the evidence in this post!) and I all headed over to Waterloo on Thursday to get Sara settled in for the night before the action started on Friday morning!  Randi and I decided to try Sara in the 3’6” jumpers this time because we thought the higher fences would keep her attention better.  We’d only schooled that height a few times, so all I was hoping for was to get around the course without any major difficulties.  Needless to say, I didn’t expect that, on Friday morning when we entered the ring for our first class, we would go double clear and win!  There were almost 20 people in the class, so it was a huge accomplishment for us.  It was such a great start to the show and Sara was everything I could have asked for and more.

We had solid performances all weekend – minus a few minor mishaps.  We only had two rails down all weekend, but they were both in our last few rounds and I think she was getting a little tired.  Honestly, after how hard she tried all weekend, I don’t care!  By the end, we won another class and placed high in three more classes, which left us reserve grand champion of the medium schooling jumper division!

Her facial expression might not look too happy, but Sara was very proud of her accomplishments – and I was very proud of her!  (Photo credit: Jordan Tieche)

(In case you can’t tell, I couldn’t be happier with how the weekend went – and needless to say, Sara got her fair share of carrots and sugar cubes too!)

One thing is for sure—we are sticking with the bigger fences.

While our rounds on courses were awesome, however, the real center of attention was Eliza, one of Randi’s newborn twins that she brought along to the show on Saturday.  She was such a cute and happy baby!  She might not be able to say it, but we all think she loves horse shows already.

On another note, my internship starts the second full week of June – so I should probably get to all of the paperwork for that!  I definitely have enough to keep busy, so Sara and Perry can have the next few days off.  Hopefully Sara gets all the rest she needs – we’ll be back at ‘em for our next show in June!


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