Preview of Coming Attractions

Jelli has come a long way since we snapped this photo of her last summer!

I can’t believe how quickly summer always seems to fly by!

Here we are already, just one week away from our trip over to Horse Shows by the Bay.  Jelli has been doing wonderfully, but going to such a big show will be a whole new experience for her.  Thankfully, Carl arrived mid-June and we have been spending a lot of time schooling her to prepare.  My little sister, Ally, and her horse, Red, have also been working on some final touch-ups for next week.  We are all very excited and eager to go.

Other than horses, I have spent a lot of time this summer campaigning.  You see, my dad is up for re-election as a township official and I volunteered to be his campaign manager.  Little did I know that there was controversy surrounding this election and somehow I went from being just his campaign manager to now serving as a member of the “Re-elect Our Board” Committee, which meets weekly.  It has been a very fun and educational experience, but it’s also been a lot of work.  Our group walked in the local Fourth of July parade, hosted a campaign fundraiser party at my house, and made signs and postcards to distribute.  I have also helped to draft letters addressed to all of the voters in this township and, with the primary coming up on August 7th, it is definitely crunch time!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers as much as I am.  I will have a lot to write about after the show and election – can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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