Back in the Swing of Things

It’s hard to believe another summer has already come and gone, but it sure was another great one!

I finished this particular summer off with a week of showing at Horse Shows by the Bay, where Jelli was wonderful.  There was a lot for her to take in, but I thought she handled it all quite well.  We walked away with fourth place in a hack, fifth place in equitation over fences, and a few other placings over fences.  All in all, I was very proud of Jelli and happy with our performance – even in adverse conditions.

This is Jelli and I after our muddy trips at Horse Shows by the Bay. All of our hard work to make us look “show ready” went to waste!

On Friday it rained all day and (of course!) Jelli and I showed in the heaviest of that rain.  By the next morning, there were two inches of standing water over the whole ring so that, when we entered, the sun was reflecting off the water.  The entire ring was just one big reflection and it was so shiny that I could hardly see the jumps!  During our trips, mud was flying everywhere and, by the end, Jelli and I were covered.  I even had mud on my eyelids and in my mouth!

Ironically, however, these muddy trips were the best of the week.  My horse is apparently a mudder!

On Sunday, there was a hunter classic and we entered that as well.  I thought my first round of the classic was decent and we earned a score of 78.  The classic didn’t finish its run until the end of the day so we waited around.  There were probably about 60-70 riders in it and they only called back the top 12.  I tacked up to head out for my second round because Jelli and I were still in contention and then the very last rider in the first round kicked my score out.  The cutoff was 78.5 and I had a 78!  I was still very happy to be thirteenth out of 60 in the end – and after such a long week, Jelli and I were ready for a break, but we sure had a lot of fun.

Just this weekend, I moved back to Albion and I am really excited for the year to come.  Fellow summer blogger Sarah and I are living in an apartment together – we even have air conditioning, a dishwasher, and a shower that you can turn around in, so we have really moved up in the world!

Classes started today – wish me luck!


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