The Start of Senior Year

Howdy, readers!  I’m back at Albion for my senior year!  (How did that happen?  I swear I was just a freshman yesterday!)

Summer treated me fairly well.  I took a couple of classes at Washtenaw Community College for some extra credit hours, worked at the Portage Yacht Club, and – most importantly – I made it to a few horse shows.

Bridle-less western pleasure? No problem!

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a rough season for Image.  Between some pulled shoes, a farrier problem, a sore shoulder, a shoe boil, and dust allergies, there was barely any time to ride her (although I’m pretty sure she liked it better that way).  However, she performed extremely well at all of our shows and I was happy with almost every ride I got out of her – especially under the circumstances.

Since I wasn’t able to work her like usual, we spent a lot of time riding bareback and bridle-less and also working showmanship at home.  As a result, I got brave and started entering us into the LMHA jackpot classes.  They offer hands-free showmanship and bridle-less western pleasure – which played right into what Image and I were working on!  By our last show, we won hands-free showmanship and we even placed second over some really nice western horses in the bridle-less class.  (I think it’s safe to say that we had a great season and that we went out with a bang!)  It was great to be back on my little wonder mare!

And speaking of wonder mares named Image, I also entered her in a photo contest – and she promptly won us a free one-hour photo shoot.  Talk about a cool contest to win!  Our shoot is the end of September, so I’ll make sure to share a few of the best with you!

So, as I said, I’m back at Albion again.  Classes are going well and the western team just held their tryouts last night.  Our new crop of riders looks promising!

And now, for the best news ever – I officially start my internship at Nottawa Paint Horses tomorrow!  That’s right; I have an internship at the barn!  It’s in barn management and I am going to be learning all about the horse business and a little about horse training too.  This is the first time that Denise has done this, so it should be quite an adventure for both of us.

Now it’s back to studying.  I’ll update you more as the internship and the semester progresses.

Go Brits!


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