Project pony Nyk, the Arabian.

Where to start?  Hmmm…..

First off, my internship at Nottawa has been amazing!  I’ve been cleaning stalls, helping Denise with her bookkeeping, updating her filing system, doing lots of little odds and ends relating to the team, and training horses!  Even with eleven new riders on the team, things have been running very smoothly.  Everyone is doing great and Amanda (the other intern and our team co-captain) and I have made great progress with Nyk, Jessy, and Dazzle, the training horses.

Jessy, our youngest horse in training, is doing spectacular.  Almost anyone can ride him and, after only a few months, we’re already working on his headset.  Nyk and Dazzle are another story. They’ve come a long way, but Jessy is definitely our shining star.

Nyk has been my main project so far.  He is an 11 year old Arabian who is extremely green.  Denise had to start at square one with him over the summer and had just gotten him riding when the semester started.  Initially, he’d buck and twist and do everything except what you wanted, but now he’s cantering with just a little resistance and trail riding like a champ.  I’m not a huge fan of Arabs, but I’ll admit, he’s pretty cute.

High point team at the second half of our first show!

The western team had our first meet on the 6th, and we did extremely well!  We had a lot of firsts and even took high point team in the second meet.  Our new riders all had really great rides and we we’re extremely proud to see how far everyone had come!  Chelsea Utt, my best friend and roommate, even was reserved highpoint rider in the first show! 

I also had some great rides and was extremely happy with my draws, although I think I should have placed a little better in some of my classes.  My first open class, I drew Kenny, who actually is my trainer’s old horse.  I was very excited to ride him even though he had been a little naughty in previous classes and during our class he was very good.  However, the judge only placed us fourth.  Then, in reining, I rode Siego, who was a cute little palomino Arab.  We had a great pattern, and placed second!

Then for the second show, I drew Manny for reining and Kenny again for horsemanship!  Manny and I laid down a clean pattern and placed third and then it was my second chance at Kenny.  After another great ride, I placed first – finally!  It was a great end to the first show.

At home, Image and Tuffy are doing pretty well.  They’re both a little fat and enjoying this lovely fall weather.  I recently had my photo shoot that I won and I’m extremely happy with the pictures.  Both horses were hamming it up the whole time.  (Gotta love them.)

One of the shots from my photo shoot.  (Photo credit: Bliss Images.)

Next weekend is fall break, and then it’s our home show!  Image will be coming up and I also am borrowing a family friend’s horse, Lucy.  She such a cute little bay mare and I’m looking forward to having both girls up here at Albion for the weekend.

Lots to do before then, but first, fall break!

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